Action research - why and how?

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    Action research is a scientific research approach which aims to create knowledge through the transformation of the world in an active and democratic interaction between researchers and the people that this change involves. (Introduction to the textbook)

    In this course, the focus is to develop further what action research is, among other things the way in which action research differs from other research directions. In addition to introductory presentations given space to discuss the perspectives of the participants' own projects. This both in relation to the definition of an action research and reflection on the choice of methods. It is possible to advance to the short considerations related. own project (max ½ page) to the teacher and participants.


    • That the participants understand the basic objective characteristics and principles of action research.
    • That the participants are able to assess whether their own projects can be defined as an action research project.
    • That the participants can familiarize themselves with parts of action research literature so that they can seek immersive knowledge about methods for use in an action research project.

    Key questions for today's content

    • What is action research?

    • In what ways different action research from other qualitative research approaches?

    • What is common for action research and other qualitative research approaches?

    • How do you participate in action research?

    • What are the implications it has for data management and reporting?

    Periode12 jan. 2017
    Sted for afholdelseAarhus Universitet, Danmark


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    • phd kursus