ART/PLAY - there’s no Art to Play – or is there?

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag eller oplæg


This panel discusses aesthetical matters emerging from recent Nordic art/play projects in pedagogical settings, e.g. Play/Art, Creativitory, Lydhør and Cultural Children of Europe. Jointly we make answers to the questions:
- Which impact on aesthetical issues spring from using a new materialistic approach to art and play?
- What is the difference between using the magic circle and the network/meshwork as core concepts in relation to art, play and pedagogy?
- Should/could the fields of art and play be cut off from each other and from other cultural domains such as the pedagogical or should they instead be promoted as interwoven and multilayered worlds?
- What does it mean to say, that sense is a mode of attention, that senses are modes of knowing?

Panel participants and topics:
Herdis Toft: Artworks as toys? Professionals as players? Museums as pla(y)ces?
Lise Hovik: Lydhør and the sympoiesis of seeds
Henriette Blomgren: Art, play, and pedagogy – entries to interwoven and multilayered worlds
Helle Hovgaard Jørgensen: Sensing the detail: Play qualities in young children’s meetings with a music artist in a Danish Kindergarten
Periode3 mar. 20215 mar. 2021
BegivenhedstitelBIN-NORDEN 2021: Designing for Play in New Nordic Childhood
PlaceringBillund, Danmark
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • Børn og unge
  • play
  • Uddannelse, professioner og erhverv
  • pedagogical settings