Besøg af Halon Entertainment i Viborg

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag eller oplæg


Besøg, oplæg og præsentation af Viborgs animationsmiljø, The Animation Workshop, VIA University College og Arsenalet for CEO, Chris Ferriter fra Halon Entertainment (US). Chris Ferriter var på Europa tourne og i samarbejde med Invest in Denmark, valgt at komme forbi Danmark og besøge udvalgte uddannelsesmiljøer. Program: We look forward to see you all on the day visualization and technology company Halon Entertainment visits TAW – our aim – to show how we as a stronghold of animation, CG, VFX and VR will be their most interesting player on the scene and market in Denmark and Scandinavia. The purpose of the visit is, for us, to make Viborg the premiere place and environment for Halon Entertainment to place future productions, make collaborations and investments in business, art and education. Hopefully they will open up a DK office to work together. Maria Stubberub from Invest in Denmark and Henrik Holmskov from Invest in Viborg are with us that day, to answer questions in that regard. Our role is to show all the muscle and great technical and artistic work we do! Below you have the agenda of the day. We look forward to see you. Time: Monday 2nd of December Location: Lounge, 1st floor, The Animation Workshop/VIA University College, Kasernevej 5, 8800 Viborg Agenda: 12.00: Pickup at train station (Jakob + Maria) 12.15: Meeting – partners and Halon: Chris Ferriter (Halon), Morten Thorning (Vision DK), Kasper Kruse (Arsenalet), Henrik Holmskov (Viborg Municipality, Invest in Viborg), Jakob Sabra (CAV/TAW), Maria Stubberub (Invest In Denmark) 13.00: Meeting - BAC – CG, Games and VFX at The Animation Workshop: Martin Agersnap-Grevy (TAW) + Morten Rasmussen (TAW) 13.30: Meeting - PRO+OW VFX: Tim Leborgne (OW/VFX Res) + Per Kristensen (PRO – VFX + Houdini) 14.00: Break – beginning of tour around TAW campus – see CG classrooms, facilities, studios etc) 14.15: Visit VFX Lab + Course, students; Leigh Russel (BAC/VFX) 14.30: Visit VR Art Studio Tindrum - Anidox: Michelle & Uri Kranot (Tindrum) 14.45: Visit The Drawing Academy + 3rd year students 15.00: Visit Arsenalet: Kasper Kruse + companies (Tumblehead, Norlum and Paracosmic Studios) ?16.00: End of official program ?17.00: Meeting - partners and Halon in town (Vision DK, TAW, VK, Invest in DK, Halon) ?19.30: Chris Ferriter transport from Viborg to Billund The late afternoon part of the program is yet tentative and to be confirmed. The agenda might be subject to change according to Chris Ferriters travel plans. HALON Entertainment is a visualization and technology company, dedicated to the art of storytelling in film, games, and advertisements. Read more about Halon Entertainment here: OPDATERING 2020: Halon valgte ikke at placere virksomhed i Danmark eller Viborg pga. manglende skatterabatter (som i andre EU lande) - dette til trods for at han fandt det kreative uddannelses- og rekrutteringsmiljø i Viborg, klart det mest attraktive blandt de europæiske og danske miljøer.
Periode2 dec. 2019
Sted for afholdelseThe Animation Workshop
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • Æstetik, design og medier
  • business development