Communication Workshop – Global Health Course - Porto, October 2012

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Læringsmål: After the workshop we hope students achieved:
•Greater knowledge on health care communication using the Calgary Cambridge guide and giving feedback
•Greater understanding and knowledge on communication challenges among students from the participating countries
•Greater awareness of their role as health care professional in relation to communication
Undervisnings- og arbejdsformer: Introduction and practical video workshop.
The workshop will focus on the themes structuring dialogue using the Calgary-Cambridge guide for patient communication and giving constructive feedback. Students own experiences provide the basis for the workshop and situational role playing. The workshop will be a mixture of practical activities and reflections in relation to the topic of teaching.
Begrundelse for valg af undervisnings- og arbejdsformer: In practising communication skills it is essential to 'learn by doing'.
Periode1 jan. 201231 okt. 2012
Sted for afholdelseEscola Superior de Saúde da Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa, Portuguese Red Cross Health School, Rua da Cruz Vermelha, Portugal


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