Creating space for translingual practices in schools and local communities

  • Maslo, E. (Oplægsholder)
  • Kristín R. Vilhjálmsdóttir (Oplægsholder)

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag eller oplæg


In the time of pandemic – as never before - we have experienced how important it is for every one of us to belong. To belong to a family, to a group of friends, to a school class, to a school, to the local community, to a city, to a country. It is not easy for everyone, and it became more difficult in the times of pandemic. To belong requires to be accepted. Accepting requires creating space for everyone. Creating space for differences and diversity.

In this presentation we present a concept for creating translingual practices in schools and local communities. The concept is being developed as a part of a grassroot-based movement in Denmark promoting the recognition of language and culture as a resource in the educational system and in the local communities, creating justice and equality for all members of the societies. Together with teachers in action learning projects, local cultural institutions, and NGOs, we are developing, implementing and evaluating collaboration activities for creating translingual practices. We show some examples from the Nordic context, where such practices are created in collaboration among teachers, librarians, artists and members of the local societies.
Periode10 sep. 2021
BegivenhedstitelPlay Perform Learn Grow - PPLG 2021: Creating Belonging in Times of Pandemic
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • Læring, pædagogik og undervisning
  • belonging