CSR - New market conditions: A MOOC about Corporate Social Responsibility

Nielsen, T. M. (Underviser)

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Læringsmål: - Knowledge about CSR and sustainability and how it can deliver value to organizations and companies when integrated as a core element in their way of operating
- Understanding that CSR and sustainability is a way to innovate and deal with new conditions whether it is for market or society
- The ability to identify CSR and sustainability issues in an organization
- Inspiration for how to work in practice with CSR and sustainability
- Get knowledge and tools to take CSR and sustainability from talk to action

Undervisnings- og arbejdsformer: MOOC means Massive Open Online Course. It is an on-line course distributed world wide through the Canvas Course Network platform. The course is a basic CSR course that is targeted at a broad group of CSR interested people. The participants must be self-paced in their learning. The course content and learning is distributed through video lectures, cases that are discussed on-line, exercises also on-line and quizes. It is organized in 6 modules - each module has a different CSR theme. The course runs over 8 weeks.
Begrundelse for valg af undervisnings- og arbejdsformer: This is characteristics of a MOOC
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