Cultural Probes: Studying the situated and contextual nature of occupation

Madsen, J. Ø. (Oplægsholder)

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag eller oplæg



The limitation of applying an individualistic perspective on occupation have been emphasized by numerous scholars, resulting in exploration of theoretical approaches supporting social, cultural and interactional aspects of occupation (Laliberte Rudman 2013, Hocking 2012, Aldrich 2008, Cutchin, Dickie 2013). In particular Deweayan pragmatism has been elucidated, as a theoretical avenue, recognizing the complex, dynamic and situated processes of occupation (Dickie, Cutchin et al. 2006, Cutchin, Dickie 2013, Aldrich 2008, Madsen, Marie Kanstrup et al. 2015). This has however resulted in an awareness of lack of methodological approaches, taking this perspective on occupation into account (Prodinger, Rudman et al. 2015, Aldrich, Laliberte Rudman 2015). The aim of this study was thus to explore cultural probes (Gaver, Boucher et al. 2004), as a possible methodical approach, supporting knowledge production on situated and contextual aspects of occupation.

Cultural probes was applied as a methodical tool in a qualitative study of underprivileged citizen´s use of technology in everyday life.

Cultural probes was found to be an appropriate tool for collecting data on occupation within sensitive contexts, with the aim of minimal influence on participant´s actions in everyday life.

Cultural probes may be a methodological contribution in studying situated and contextual aspects of occupation, provided to be developed to fit the context of the explored.

Further research and discussion on cultural probes, and contextually based design and approaches in general, as a possible methodological respond to the call to explore the situated nature of human occupation is needed.
Periode17 jun. 2016
BegivenhedstitelCOTEC - ENOTHE
PlaceringGalway, Irland
Grad af anerkendelseInternational