Danish perspectives on social pedagogy... - Norms, norm criticism and social categories?

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In Denmark, pedagogues are represented in a wide range of the core areas of the
welfare state and have contact with citizens from the very early socialisation of children in
the daycare and school area and through all phases of life, where both young people, adults
and senior citizens risk experiencing vulnerability as a result of, for example, social, physical
or mental challenges. As an educator in Denmark, you have a fundamental responsibility to
support people's well-being and development. In this context, there is an obligation to try
to create equal opportunities for participation for all, with the aim of giving the individual
the best possible conditions for taking an equal position as a democratic citizen, regardless
of the social categorisations at stake in his or her life.
The pedagogical framework constitutes a central educational context for the
individual, where the norms, values, category understandings and positions that shape the
given context also shape the individual's space of opportunity
A fundamental theme in the presentation is the defining power associated with
pedagogical work, and the crucial thing in that you as an educator are aware of this power.
The presentation is thus based on a critical reflection on how the established sociopedagogical environments can ensure a wide variety of identification possibilities. By using
a norm-critical perspective as a special framework for reflection, we can sharpen the
pedagogue's attention to the or severely invisible conditions that limit people's
opportunities for participation in a socio-pedagogical context
Periode7 maj 202314 maj 2023
Sted for afholdelseThe John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Polen
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