Dexus 6.0: Discourses and Practises that Matter

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The thematics of this summer school is prompted by the recent emergence on the global stage of a set of interlocking global crises – including climate,
energy, food, water, finance – which demands a renewed interdisciplinary effort
to understand how to prefigure and mediate the future, the past and the present
in ways that attend to equity, justice and rights. The aim is to bring together
people investigating and promoting social change and transformation with an
explicit focus on the role of discourse and practice in shaping and prefiguring
a just future (and the past). Discourse is understood as encompassing an
interdisciplinary perspective on text, talk, discourse, genre, narrative,
archive, document, image and rhetoric in all their modal, social and cultural
forms, not only in terms of representation but more importantly in relation to
action and practice. Practice, practices, practical reasoning and practical
action are increasingly key elements of many recent approaches to discourse
(eg. microethnography, mediated discourse analysis and nexus analysis), but a
dialogue between these approaches and the variants of practice theory that are
being used in sophisticated ways in fields such as transition studies,
anthropology, visual studies, etc is urgently needed and holds much potential.

Researching and presenting a topic within gender
Periode19 aug. 201324 aug. 2013
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PlaceringAalborg, Danmark