Digital Communication Supporting Family Caregivers in Dementia Care

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Background Digital technologies aim to support independency of users and efficiency in elderly care including dementia care. Spouses to persons with dementia are propelled into unpredictable challenges requiring support in daily living with the many facets of dementia. They need care and social relations to cope with the changed cognitive and behavioral being of their partner. Digital communication is one attempt to meet the needs of the spouses and thus a matter of future nursing. The study aimed to explore how a digital platform could support quality of life for the spouses.
Methods Collection of data involved participant observations and interviews with spouses, professionals and volunteers in two Danish municipalities. The analysis was data driven inspired by situational analysis.
Results The spouses’ sufferings engender intensified responsibilities concerning practical tasks and moral responsibilities calling for support from professionals and interaction with peers. The digital platform provides 24/7 access if the spouses manage the use of the platform and if it is updated. Negotiation between the professionals and volunteers is ongoing concerning the responsibility for the functioning of the platform.
Conclusion The match between the needs of the spouses and the digital platform seemed obvious. The professionals’ understanding of the technology and the collaboration with the volunteers seemed to be important lacks to succeed with the use of it. Digital communication offers new ways to meet the needs and moral challenges of the spouses in an efficient elderly care sector leaving the spouses with many kinds of responsibilities to carry themselves.
Periode3 okt. 2023
BegivenhedstitelNordic Conference in Nursing Research 2 – 4 October 2023 // Reykjavik, Iceland
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