Ethnographies of Wefare State Transformations

    Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangement af en begivenhed - typerWorkshop


    We call for ethnographic studies of transformations in welfare state institutions (i.e. health, education, care, integration) and other domains of social life (i.e. business and management, labour market, arts, science, housing, military and security) that are affected by the reorganised relationships between state, market and citizens. How are institutional changes practiced and understood in everyday life and how do they affect relationships between generations within families, between teachers and students, doctors and patients, neighbours or competitors, etc.? The workshop is meant as a laboratory for exploring new ways of writing ethnographies of welfare state transformations where we let ‘small’ cases speak to larger political debates. Anthropology has traditionally worked in the social and global margins and can be seen as a marginal perspective compared to for instance political science, sociology or economics. This marginality, however, should not prevent us from engaging in larger debates concerning welfare state transformations.
    Periode28 maj 2014
    PlaceringAarhus, Danmark