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SPPREAD - Social Pedagogy Practice, Research And Development, international research network.
Common approach for the network.
The network is concerned with the connection and interplay between practice and theory in social pedagogy and social work. In both, the importance of establishing collaboration between the professional and the people they are helping is crucial – we do not accept to organise this as a subject-object relation but stress the importance of a subject-subject relation both for ethical reasons and because we strongly believe this to be the optimal effort in social work. This implies that we have to take into account the agency of the people we work with and see it as important to qualify their agency even further. This does not mean that we see ourselves as totally equal partners. We have different competences and positions in our interactions but we acknowledge both parties to be equal in their engagement in our collaboration. This demands that we as social pedagogues and social workers act as authentic persons and not just as enacting a role. Such interaction will necessarily include disagreements and conflicts but these frictions are inevitable parts of development and of human life. Just like we stress agency for the individual participant, we stress the importance of being part of communities and social groups which demands both some social competencies and communities that are inclusive. To support this is an important aspect of social pedagogy and social work.
History of the network.
The network started with a meeting at Aalborg University January 2018 under the headline of Group based Approach in Social Pedagogy. Participants from Scotland, Brazil and Denmark presented their own work and background and had time for many engaged debates on different parts of social pedagogical practice in their home contexts. It turned out that aside from common interest in the field of social pedagogy and social work they also shared a great deal of common basic approaches to this work. They decided to form a network on research and development of practice to continue collaboration and the next meeting in Dundee in Scotland took place in November 2018. Here, discussions continued and as one of the results they organised to be guest editors of a special issue of International Journal of Social Pedagogy that will be published 2020. In August 2019, the third meeting took place in London where work was continued and approaches towards common research projects were discussed. A roundtable discussion was arranged to be part of “2020 Social Pedagogy International Conference”, Social Pedagogy Association conference at Cyprus June 2020. The fourth meeting will be in Århus, Denmark in 2021 (delayes due to the corona-situation).
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