Family Liaison Officer Training

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    Family Liaison Officer Workshop Numerous situations involving staff require an organisation to work with staff families including but not limited to death, serious injury or serious health situations, staff detention or imprisonment, abduction or hostage amongst others. Working with staff families and loved ones in a professional, respectful, supportive and practical manner requires investment from the organisation in staff capable and supported in doing so. The Family Liaison Officer (FLO) function was created following critical incidents and is a result of many years of experience in effective crisis management response. The FLO is a crucial support to the Crisis Management Team (CMT), ensuring that the family of anyone affected in a crisis will be kept up to date and facilitating the interaction between the family and the CMT. The workshop provides tools and techniques for communicating and collaborating with the family in situations such as road traffic accidents, workplace incidents or abductions. The workshop is heavily based on psychological support and effective communication when dealing with stress and distraught family members. Not all staff possess the experience or skills necessary to work with staff families effectively and the FLO role exists as a duty on top of normal staff duties therefore specialised and dedicated training is required to equip the organisation, Country Programmes and Regional set-ups with increased skills and knowledge to responsibly engage in crisis response when it involves staff. Due to its specialised nature, a psychosocial trainer and two expert trainers facilitate the workshop. Delivered over two full days, the FLO workshop covers the following key curriculum and expected outcomes: Curriculum Delivered through classroom based training and extensive practical based training through scenarios: How to act as a crucial support member to the CMT  Practical arrangements when working with family members Documentation and record keeping for transparent and accountable family engagement  How to communicate and support families of employees affected in a crisis  How to prepare family members for different out-comes of certain situations  Psychological aspects of dealing with family crises  The balance between empathy and professional advice & conduct Outcome  Knowledge on best practice and techniques for communicating with family members in crisis situations  Competence to act in a critical support function of the Crisis Management Team Advanced knowledge on maintaining communication between an organization and the family  Increased skills in managing family dynamics, expectations and fears  Increased ability to ensure the CMT can work effectively in responding to the crisis
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