First-year student teachers experiences, knowledge and values when noticing teaching praxis in a Learning to notice cours

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Research on teacher education acknowledges that first-year student teachers’ prior educational experiences form their conceptions of teaching and learning and that they consecutively develop their attitudes and values (Amundsen et al, 2021). The use of classroom videos has shown a range of advantages for student teachers’ (Blomberg et al. 2014) and noticing is emphasized as a crucial part of teachers’ classroom practice (Dindyal 2021). UCL University College has launched a research and development project on the use of classroom videos and the Learning to notice framework (van Es & Sherin 2002).

Our study explores what first-year student teachers’ identify as important and how they describe and reason on classroom events by pursuing this research question: Which quality criterias can be identified in first-year student teachers’ descriptions of classroom events, and what signifies the practical theories they draw on when reasoning? With practical theory (Lauvås & Handal, 2015) we distinguish between experience, knowledge and values as significant factors when reasoning in group dialogues. The four elements in PLATO (Grossman et al. 2015) are used to designate quality criterias.
Periode10 maj 2023
BegivenhedstitelNoFa 9 Nordisk fagdidaktik konference Vaasa: Education, knowledge and Bildung in a global world
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