Fremtidigt akademisk samarbejde mellem The Animation Workshop og University of Al-Bahrain, Bahrain

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Neværks- og samarbejdsmøde på University of Al-Bahrain i Bahrain, med det formål at lave aftaler omkring kurser, workshops og programmer for Animation, Visuel produktion og læring, målrettet studerende og ansatte fra University of Al-Bahrain.
Kurserne skulle afholdes i Bahrain og i Danmark og inden for følgende områder:

Netværk i Bahrain:
Dr. Riad Hamsa (president of Al-Bahrain university)
Dr. Samaa Al Hasami
Dr. Gamila
Dr. Mazin Al Ali

following three summer schools in 2018:
· Animation for Beginners
· Comics
· Classical Drawing

These are well-tested formats for a shorter period of stay and would be perfect to draw inspiration from.
Now, I would suggest that we put together a unique, and to you, exclusive summer school programme, where your students will have two weeks full workshop programme and one week of travelling and experiencing Danish famous locations and companies, i.e. Copenhagen, Aarhus, LEGO, Grundfos, Tivoli etc. Travelling is a great way to expand your knowledge and learn in life.
The study programme at our institution could be one of the following topics, which will be specifically designed to match your expectations, the student's skills and ambitions:

· 2D ANIMATION (learn the basics of animation, make a moving character)
· CREATIVE LEARNING WITH ANIMATION (new methods for learning in schools, high schools and universities, develop learning material)
· ANIMATED DOCUMENTARY (telling cultural, local, personal stories through moving images, cinematography and the arts, make a small animated production)
· APPLIED ANIMATION (Animation and graphics in campaigns, marketing, functional purposes, design animation concepts)
· VIRTUAL REALITY TECHNOLOGIES (learn about new and innovative projects that use animation and VR tools and environments, design concepts for VR experiences)
· CLASSICAL DRAWING (boost drawing and sketching skills, make a portfolio of life and still drawings)
· WORLDBUILDING (how to design the details around a great story, storyline, environment, characters, create a concept for a game, film, TV-series)
· IP-DEVELOPMENT (learn from the digital industry, intellectual property rights, commercialisation, make a business concept for a film, game or TV-series)

A suggestion would be to develop two consecutive programs of each three weeks in July and August, in two groups (A and B) each with 20-25 participants, This to ensure that each student will have a high-quality education, and enough time with each teacher and supervisor within the programme.

Følgende er agenda for besøg på University of Al-bahrain

The following is a short outline of program sessions we would like to present during our visit - the themes are Animation and Storytelling. The sessions are numbered Outline I - II - III and serve as examples of half-day sessions. They are each, a mix of 3h workshops with 1 to 2 masterclass breaks, on a flipped class method (15-30 min) to reassure students and make them enter into proactive dynamic creative thinking and drawing.

Session I. How to tell stories for Animation –Workshop 3 hours plus 1 hour masterclasses.
Learning how to build stories for animation through guided exchanging ideas and experiences in a group of 10-12 students.

Session II. How to make an Animation storyboard about your storytelling –
Workshop 3 hours plus 1 hour masterclasses.
Researching through acting and then drawing thumbnails to represent the most meaningful aspects of your story.

Session III. How to do an Animatic of your storytelling. How to pitch it in public –
workshop 3 hours plus 1 hour masterclasses
Make an animatic using handed out or drawn materiales and learning how to pitch your idea to an audience.

Forventede resultater for 2019
-Udarbejdelse af Memorandum of Understanding
-Fysisk møde og underskrift af MOU
-2 ugers kursus/workshop/masterclass i Danmark for studerende og ansatte fra University of Al-Bahrain
-Sommerskole i Danmark i Kreativ Tænkning, Innovation og Animeret Læring
Periode14 jan. 201830 jun. 2019
Sted for afholdelseUniversity of Al-Bahrain, Bahrain
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


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