How do reminder systems in follow-up screening for women with previous GDM work?

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Background: Women with previous GDM have an increased risk of developing T2DM later in life. Women are therefore urged to participate in life-long screening, 2-3 month after birth and every year, or a minimum of every third year thereafter. Electronic reminder systems have been used to strengthen the insufficient participation found in screening. However great variations in the effect of reminders exist and little is known about the actual working of the intervention.

Aim: Theorize how reminder interventions to women with previous GDM work, for whom, and in what

Methods and results:
A Realist review and synthesis found 16 articles eligible for inclusion. A cross comparison analyses identified several context-mechanism-outcome

Conclusion: Reminders have the potential to be effective in increasing participation in the screening. Our study may assist researchers, policy and decision makers to analyze and judge if reminders are feasible and/or likely to succeed in their specific context.
Periode4 maj 20226 maj 2022
BegivenhedstitelNJF Congress 2022: Midwives promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights
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