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    Raising students’ awareness with respect to choice of literature
    Modern day nurses solve multifaceted problems, work in complex organizations and must meet patient demands in an ever changing society. Practice must be based upon well-documented knowledge from national and international development and research activities. Moreover, high professional standard s can only be assured if the academic and clinical areas collaborate closely. As nurse educators it is our experience that it is a challenge for students to categorize and evaluate their resources. Frequently they rely upon introductory textbooks as a major source of information until relatively late in the education. A study of bachelor projects in University College Sealand regime showed that students use proportionately few scientific and researched based resources. A pilot project aiming at raising students’ awareness with respect to choice of literature has thus been introduced. The ‘VIFOLA’ model is a pedagogical tool which raises students’ awareness with respect to the necessity of employing scientific and researched based material. The tool is not only used in the theoretical setting but also in clinical practice. Students and clinical advisors evaluate the relevance of the pedagogical tool via questionnaires. The data will be analyzed and form the basis for further innovative teaching developments promoting the theory-clinical connection in the learning environment.
    Keywords: literature, education, pedagogical tool, theory-practice connection.
    Biographical details:
    Bettan Bagger, RN, MA in education, lecturer of nursing at University College Sealand.
    Hélène Kelly, RN, BA, MSc Health, lecturer of nursing at University College Sealand.
    Britta Hørdam, RN, Ph.D, senior-researcher in rehabilitation and clinical practice.
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    PlaceringValletta, Malta