International Week Northumbria University

    Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangement af en begivenhed - typerKonference


    Workshop title: Media play and multi modal practices of 3-7 year old children The workshop takes departure in Danish legislation concerning the pedagogical curriculum (2007) as well as digital media practices of children in Denmark. The workshop introduces the concept media play and experimenting communities (Thestrup, 2013) as well as it focuses on the usefulness of Basil Berstein’s (2001) concepts. We will discuss how digital media engage children in creative learning experiences which challenges the traditional classification and framing of educational knowledge. The workshop will include preliminary practices regarding criteria for app selection that supports the creative learning experiences of 3-7 year old’s as well as the app Wuwu&co will be introduced and discussed in light of the theoretical perspectives outlined
    Periode5 dec. 2016