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The History of Creationism in Europe
Editors: Stefaan Blancke, Hans Henrik Hjermitslev and Peter C. Kjærgaard
The volume is intended for the Johns Hopkins University Press series Medicine, Science, and Religion in Historical Context edited by Ronald L. Numbers
Expected length: 300 pages (7,500/5,000 words for each of the 14 chapters, 3,000 words for foreword, afterword, and notes on sources). The volume will be published in 2013.

Traditionally, creationism has been considered an exclusively North American phenomenon. However, recent research has uncovered that creationist groups have been highly active around the globe throughout the twentieth century and that their activities are still on the rise. Europe forms no exception. Creationist campaigns against evolutionary theory have now become so significant that in October 2007, the Council of Europe found it necessary to issue a resolution warning against the dangers of creationism in education. At the same time scholars from different countries and disciplines have taken a keen interest in the phenomenon of creationism in Europe, which has resulted in an increased output of publications on this subject. However, until now, most of this research has been methodologically diverse, fragmentary, and usually dedicated to only one country without an eye for the European context. This volume brings together leading specialists on European creationist movements to focus on the history and background of creationism in Europe. An historical approach analysing the origins of creationism in Europe is crucial to understand the current heterogeneous situation with Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, and other groups acting locally or across borders. By this explicit historical focus and the authors’ combined efforts, this volume will for the first time offer a comprehensive map and discussion of creationism in Europe.
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