Method Reflection Seminar

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The aim of the method reflection seminar is to raise the consciousness about different and - maybe - common problems about how to build a logical and consistent argumentational structure in a PhD dissertation. The general idea of the seminar is that it is useful and important to make explicit the basic method of one's project. By method is here meant how you go about doing your project, e.g.

What is your research problem? If you have more than one problem, how do they link up with each other?
How do you use theory (including the broad role of theory in your project: do you want to test hypotheses, or to develop new theoretical concepts)? Do you use theory as a conceptual framework? What kind of materials are you using or going to use (and of course how are you going to analyze them)? What 'type' of outcome do you expect from your study?

These examples of questions hopefully give you an indication that by method we mean not only data collection and data analysis methods, but more broadly: the logic of the project - how to build up a research argument in a consistent and reasonable way!

'Method' is, accordingly, used in a broad sense at the seminar, and it includes deliberations as how to go about answering the research question(s). The method will thus certainly involve the theoretical perspective chosen, the delimitation and conceptualization of the research area, the types of the empirical materials to be used, and the different ways and strategies of analyzing them, and the types of conclusions expected. In short, method is about linking problems, analysis and results in a clear and consistent manner.


The seminar is an intensive one-day programme and includes a number of PhD project method presentations, each followed by a discussion of the method chosen. Participants in the seminar will be SPIRIT's PhD students and a number faculty members, thus allowing for an intensive student-student and student-teacher interaction.

PhD students are asked to write a paper presenting their project and method addressing the questions above, which will be sent out in advance to all participants. The paper givers are asked to make a short oral presentation in 10 minutes at the seminar, followed by a discussion 35-40 minutes. The seminar relies upon the active participation of all. Please send your paper to Marianne Høgsbro by 7 November.

It is not only useful to present and get feedback on your own project. Looking actively at the methodological aspects of other projects also helps you understand your own method (and maybe its problems).


The purpose of the PhD course is to provide an opportunity to present and receive critical feedback on the scientific approach and research design of your PhD thesis from senior staff and other PhD students. This seminar is targeted to newly enrolled PhD-students who can benefit from the course as methodological reflections and choices are an integral part of the PhD. Active participation is expected from all participants

Presented my work so far on the PhD with emphasis on Methodologies applied and the empirical design.
Periode15 nov. 2013
BegivenhedstitelMethod Reflection Seminar
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