Nature experiences and active outdoor life in after school clubs?Evaluating research founded program and targeted projects aiming to bring kids out

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In Denmark like in most other countries children seem to spend less time in nature compared to earlier generations (Andkjær et al 2016). This is a potential problem regarding their health, well-being, and nature-connectedness (Chawla 2020; Barragan-Jason 2023). Projects and interventions have been established to inspire children to get outdoors, to be active in natural environments and have nature experiences during school and family time. Until recently school leisure scheme and children’s leisure clubs have not been the focus of interventions in Denmark.
In 2022 a funding body actively engaged researchers and professional staff in the field to establish a framework for an initiative, aiming to supporting and developing active outdoor life in school leisure scheme and young children’s leisure clubs. The program was developed with focus on three areas:
activities, places, and courses for professionals. To define targeted initiatives in the future, the aim of this study was to investigate which elements of the funded projects matter, for whom and under what conditions?
Totally, 74 projects were selected to receive support, due to objective criteria e.g., involvement of children in the process, number of children involved and geographical location. Out of the supported projects, 12 projects were selected for a qualitative evaluation. All projects were invited to webinars for exchange of experiences and to provide information of their own evaluation of the project by a postproject questionnaire. The study is inspired by the RE-AIM framework (Glasgow et al 1999; King et al 2010) and logic models evaluation (McLaughlin & Jordan 1999) using qualitative group interviews and observation condensated into analytical narratives. The presentation will report on the results from the selected projects and discuss them aiming to point to important experiences and learning elements in relation to future projects and interventions.
Periode6 mar. 2024
Begivenhedstitel10th International Outdoor Education Research Conference (IOERC)
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