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In Nordic societies, education has traditionally been constructed on the values of equality, democracy and welfare. Thus these concepts have also considerably influenced educational research in the Nordic countries. In contrast, solidarity, regardless of its historical importance as one of the central values of Nordic welfare societies, has not been in the focus of recent debates on social justice and education.

Within educational systems, individuals are selected to different life paths and layers of society. While education traditionally has been assumed to provide opportunities for individuals and groups, the segregation of education appears to be a threat to the promotion of equality and social justice.

In Nordic welfare systems, the solidarity of the middle classes has been one of the factors that enable equal public education. But how do social processes such as marginalization and diversification affect the role of educational solidarity as a facilitator of social mobility? How do these processes change the economic, cultural and social bases of social justice, equality and solidarity in the field of education? What potential does education have for promoting these values? The 44th NERA Congress invites participants to analyse the dimensions of solidarity in education and educational research today.

Præsentation af bidrag til antologien: “Troubling Educational Cultures in the Nordic Countries”, Eds. Anna-Maija Niemi, Touko Vaahtera, Sirpa Lappalainen & Dennis Beach. Titel på kapitel der er skrevet i samarbejde med Ph.D. vejleder, Professor MSO Kathrin Otrel-Cass er: Troubling an embodied pedagogy in science education.
Periode10 mar. 2016
PlaceringHelsinki, Finland