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Teacher-intentionality in lower secondary school under the influence of fi-nal assessments in writing literacy

To what degree do teachers let the final assessments in mother tongue writing literacy influence their didactic intentions and decisions? The presentation refers to a project exploring how teach-ers perceive and understand the final assessments in writing literacy, as well as the impact of this understanding on teachers’ intentionality and planning practice.
The research has been designed as an exploratory, qualitative, phenomenological, and hermeneu-tical case study of two 9th grade teachers in a Danish secondary school - inspired by Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) as presented by Smith, Flowers and Larkin (2009). The main focus is on the teachers’ didactic reflections and attention prior to teaching in class.
The focus of the presentation is twofold: 1) reflecting the theoretical framework of the project and 2) presenting data and preliminary interpretations.
Keywords: Teacher-intentionality, didactics, assessments, teachers’ experience, mother tongue education.

Fremlæggelse af paper i parallelle sessioner i samarbejde med Thomas Iskov
Periode28 maj 2015
PlaceringHelsinki, Finland


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