NOFA5 Konference Helsinki , May 27-29, 2015

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Inclusive Teaching Practices with Compensational IT Tools

Inclusion of pupils with reading and spelling difficulties in ordinary Grade School classes takes didactic design, to make pupils learn to learn by means of compensational IT. In a municipality in north-western Denmark, a group of pupils received these tools, and went through a 12-week intensive course in an IT class in a separate school. The class was small, and the didactic focus was on using IT technology for learning. How can teachers succeed in scaffolding and motivating these pupils into using their newly-won competences from the IT class, on their return to the learning environment of the classes they came from? This study is based on classroom observations of pupils’ inclusive learning strategies, and on semi-structured qualitative interviews with pupils and teachers. Findings are that to make pupils learn to learn by means of IT tools, their competences must be supported and developed by teachers in inclusive classes . If pupils are not supported in the use of their IT competences, they will not be able to make use of them in their future learning.
Periode27 maj 2015
PlaceringHelsinki, Finland