Publishing in International Journals

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Publishing in refereed international journals is nowadays a pre-condition for any academic career. But for newcomers to the academic trade like PhD students and postdocs, publishing in the major journals can be a daunting task. Several factors seem to prevent young scholars outside English-speaking countries from submitting papers to journals, e.g.,

• unfamiliarity with the ways journals work,
• fear of referees and of being refereed,
• unwillingness to revise the paper and possibly having to pay again for translation services,
• problems with Academic English.

This workshop attempts to address these problems, but will not be a course in Academic English.
Using case studies, the instructors will explain general publishing practices that are common to most international journals. The workshop will identify the critical moments in the publishing process – beginning with the submission, through the peer review and revision process to the final decision phase. Each of these phases is formed through editorial procedures and has consequences for getting or not getting published. Drawing on their editorial experience, the journal editors will offer useful general, backstage insights, and reflect on their gate-keeping and scaffolding roles. Based on a substantial corpus of peer reviewers’ reports, they will outline some of the major reasons which underline negative/positive outcomes. Particular attention will be paid to language-specific, genre-specific and discipline-specific practices. Different journals (editors and reviewers) tend to attribute differential significance to such practices during the publishing process, although this may not be transparent to authors.

Aktiv deltager i seminaret med anerkendt Journal editor på 3 internationale journaler, Professor Srikant Sarangi, Cardiff University
Periode9 okt. 201311 okt. 2013
BegivenhedstitelPublishing in International Journals
PlaceringOdense, Danmark