Robot technology: Robot vision and technique

Grøn, H. G. (Underviser)

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Læringsmål: Knowledge
The graduate has knowledge about:
- Industrial robots and similar devices
- Robotic systems and integration
- Safety-related parts of robot systems
- Vision technique and lighting

The graduate can:
- Participate in the development of larger systems, which includes robot
- Defining and selecting components and devices for systems with robots
- Participate in professional and interdisciplinary collaboration with a professional approach along with other actors
- Perform simple robot programming by Teach method

The graduate is qualified to:
- Prepare and publish technical documentation that meets current regulations for plants with robot
- Handle development and building systems with robot accordance with the applicable rules and standards.
- Can develop smaller robot programs - after a short introduction to the actual robot arm
Undervisnings- og arbejdsformer: Lecture, Lab, Project, Individuel, Group
Begrundelse for valg af undervisnings- og arbejdsformer: To give a variable focus on the course
Periode2016 → …
Sted for afholdelseUniversal Robots, Danmark


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