Seminar - Healthcare communication, ethics and technology

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangement af en begivenhed - typerSeminar


Jointly hosted by the Faculties of Humanities and Medicine, this exploratory seminar is targeted at bringing together ongoing research within Aalborg University in the broad area of healthcare communication, ethics, culture and technology to inform future developments in a humanities-driven healthcare communication curriculum. The seminar will have a two-fold structure: (i) presentations from a selected group of participants; (ii) a roundtable discussion concerning translational research to address how the current/projected research profiles of participants can contribute towards improving professional practice.

An interest in ‘the human condition’ brings humanities and healthcare sciences together – both in terms of intervention (to minimize suffering associated with illness) and prevention of disease as well as promotion of health and wellbeing (cf. the World Health Organization (WHO)’s definition of ‘total health’ as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’). AAU is keen to expand the health communication curriculum currently being offered through the Faculty of Medicine, while remaining committed to the agenda of marrying humanities and healthcare sciences more generally. Such an agenda will be firmly grounded in evidence-based, long-term collaborative interdisciplinary research with targeted practical relevance in mind.

Communication is broadly conceptualized to include talk, text and other modalities and spans communicative events with patients and careers on the one hand and with colleagues inter-professionally and inter-organizationally – both sites encompassing interpersonal, institutional, ethical and ideological issues. Seen from both professionals’ and patients’/clients’ perspectives, this implies situational and extra-situational variations in styles of communication in relation to factors such as gender, ethnicity, class, age, education, community/institutional membership.

Presentation of plan for PhD research project: "Ict supported two-way communication between patients and staff. Department of Radiology, Regional Hospital in Silkeborg"
Periode9 jan. 2013
PlaceringAalborg, Danmark


  • empowerment
  • sundhedspædagogik
  • innovation
  • it
  • handlekompetence
  • radiografuddannelsen
  • kvalitativ metode
  • radiografi
  • implementering
  • digitalisering
  • entreprenørskab
  • organisationsudvikling
  • aktionsforskning
  • brugerdreven innovation