Seminar + præsentation af udviklingsprojekt i REALM netværket, EU Kommissionen

  • Karin Naldahl (Gæsteforelæser)

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MORE LIFE; Life Quality for weak, old people and the Breakthrough Method

People in Western Societies live longer. Many old people will live very long - with multiple diseases, frailty and weakness (1.2). According to the change in age structure there will be fewer persons in the future to take care of old people in hospitals, homecare, nursing homes etc. On top of this (and unfortunately) caregiving for weak, old persons seems unattractive for a future career among young health care students (3.4) - but the need for care, support and solidarity between caregivers and caretakers will still exist. The facts mentioned call for experiences and communications between healthcare professionals and old people which can make eldercare meaningful and satisfying for students and staff members.
The MORE LIFE project addresses these challenges. The More life project took place in Northern Denmark as a cooperation project between Eldercare Institutions and Healthcare Education Institutions from year 2007 to 2010. The project wanted to map the quality content in specific daily life situations in nursing homes. Quality of life for the elderly who participated in this project increased with more activity and more life. The project also enhanced staff members’ ability to express values in caregiving for elderly and provided skills, job motivation and satisfaction for caregivers.

The project used the so called Breakthrough Method which is an evidence based, effective and rapid tool for improving quality in healthcare institutions as well as it is a very easy method to apply in any healthcare setting. The Breakthrough Method also seems a relevant and interesting method to apply in student education programs.

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Region Sydengland har igangat et EU projekt, hvor regioner i andre EU lande iløbet af 2012 inviteres til seminarer i Bruxelles og præsentere udviklingsprojekter og tiltag, som har særlig interesse for EU Kommissionen aktuelt. Er såkaldte EU Flagships initiativer. Projekterne omhandler sociale, uddannelses- og arbejdsmæssige, kulturelle og sundhedfaglige områder. 'Active Ageing and Solidarity between the GenerationsYear 2012' er ét af disse områder. Jeg deltog i dette seminar med henblik på at bidrage til EU komissionens oreintering om initiativer i Region Nordjylland på området. Yderligere med henblik på at netværke med andre intereseerede indenfor aldrings- og uddannelsesområdet i EU (fagpersoner, politikere forskere etc.)
Periode27 feb. 2012
BegivenhedstitelSeminar + præsentation af udviklingsprojekt i REALM netværket, EU Kommissionen
PlaceringBruxelles, Belgien


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