Specialisering: Autonomous Robot navigation and obstacle avoidance using Lego Mindstorms platform

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11 modules

Basic programming skills in C and/or C# or similar high-level languages. Basic understanding of object oriented concepts. Basic knowledge of trigonometry is assumed but will be introduced in context.

C# for Lego Mindstorms
Obstacle avoidance with Bug algorithms
Localisation with odometry/dead reckoning
Distance sensing, compass sensing
Basic trigonometry

Course objectives:
The objective is to study the concepts of navigation and obstacle avoidance for autonomous moving robots. Students construct an automotive robot model in Lego Mindstorms equipped with sensors for obstacle avoidance and navigation. Implementation of the behaviour of the robot is made using C# on a Mono (open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework), “MonoBrick” for Lego Mindstorms.

Learning outcomes:
Knowledge of the C# programming language
Knowledge of state-machine design and implementation
Knowledge of the fundamentals of obstacle avoidance algorithms belonging to the family of bug algorithms
Knowledge of sensors for distance measurement and navigation
Applying the Visual Studio IDE to develop robot applications in the C# programming language
Applying state machines to solve engineering problems
Applying basic trigonometry in robot navigation
Combine the knowledge of software programming, hardware sensors and actuators to create simple robotic applications for autonomous navigation

Study activities:
The focus of the course is on explorative activities and on “learning by doing”. Students are encouraged throughout the course to conduct an explorative and experimental approach to the topics discussed. Sessions in the course will present concepts followed by practical application of these concepts.
Topics that will require the students to explore and seek additional knowledge is
The C# programming language, specifically its application in the MonoBrick framework
The MonoBrick framework
Robotic obstacle avoidance algorithms, specifically the presented algorithms in the course
Basic trigonometry
The principle of odometry and “Dead reckoning” in navigation
Sensors for Lego Mindstorms EV3
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