Specialisering: Remote rover telemetry on hybrid apps

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10 modules

Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, introduction will be given.

Hybrid apps
Cross platform
Apache Cordova
Visual Studio
HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Course objectives:
The course objective is to develop a mobile application able to run on Android mobile devices. The mobile application should be able to wirelessly receive telemetry. The course applies fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to implement a wireless connection to a microcontroller through a Bluetooth™ connection. The course applies the Apache Cordova framework in visual studio to implement the mobile application.
The syllabus will cover UI development, interface of mobile devices sensors, (communication using Bluetooth to a UCN Board or Arduino Uno MCU board using a “BlueSMiRF Silver” Bluetooth™ module and UART communication.

Learning outcomes:
The syllabus will cover fundamentals of HTML and CSS in UI development and JavaScript for interfacing of mobile devices sensors (accelerometer) and communication using Bluetooth to a ChipKIT Uno or Arduino Uno controller using a “BlueSMiRF Silver” Bluetooth module and UART communication.
Explain Fundamentals of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
Explain the Fundamentals of PhoneGap/Cordova together with Integration of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
Apply development tools to develop HTML5 mobile applications
Integrating mobile app development and microcontroller development to create embedded applications interfacing with mobile devices.
Apply Test and development methodologies

Study activities:
The focus of the course is on explorative activities and on “learning by doing”. Students are encouraged throughout the course to conduct an explorative and experimental approach to the topics discussed. Sessions in the course will present concepts followed by practical application of these concepts.
Topics that will require the students to explore and seek additional knowledge is
Tutorials on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
CSS frameworks for Mobile UI development
PhoneGap/Cordova tutorials
Bluetooth JavaScript library for PhoneGap/Cordova
Serial communication to and from UCN Board or Arduino MCU boards
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