Strategic Marketing

  • Ann Hartl (Underviser)

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Valgfag - 5 ECTS - 5./7. semester. Introduction It is the aim of this course to provide the students with intermediate knowledge of the strategic market-ing processes carried out by business within the leisure industries in comparison to other sectors. Learning outcomes A. Knowledge The objective of this course is to obtain knowledge about: • Processes related to strategic marketing, such as: o The changing dimensions of strategic marketing decisions made to uphold competitive edge in today’s worldwide markets, o Understand the drivers for realignment in strategic thinking, and o How to carry out financial appraisal for strategic marketing decisions. B. Skills The objective of this course is to acquire skills to: • Apply the SOSTAC approach to the development of strategic marketing for a business in question. • Participate in various strategic processes and how to use models within strategic planning and analy-sis. C. Competences Upon completion of this course the student should be competent to: • Contribute to the strategic marketing in a business within the leisure industries. • Further the students’ analytical competences will be strengthened through participation in this course. Course content The headlines for the course are as follows: • Strategic marketing decisions • Challenging strategic thinking • Competitive strategies • Marketing analyses • Building portfolio value • Strategic direction and strategy formulation • Financial appraisal of strategic marketing • Sustainable competitive advantages through strategic marketing Mandatory readings: West, D., Ford, J., & Ibrahim, E. (2015) Strategic marketing: creating competitive advantage, 3rd ed. Oxford University Press, ISBN: 978 0 19 968409 0 (2010 edition can also be used)