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  • Hélène Kelly* (Foredragsholder)

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    Developing Clinical Practice

    How can international cooperation develop clinical practice and benefit our patients? An interregional project aimed at improving patient outcomes with respect to hip patients compared Danish and Swedish nursing procedures at several hospitals in Denmark and Sweden. 5 clinical areas were subsequently chosen for systematic examination as practice in the Danish and Swedish wards varied with respect to the nursing proceedures in these areas. This presentation describes the overall workplan of the project. The cooperative work process is illustrated via the group that examined catherisation procedures for hip fracture patients. A systematic litterature review showed no conclusive evidence for the practice of of intermittent catherisation used in Denmark contra the use of indwelling catheters which were often used in the Swedish clinical setting. A clinical audit of hip fracture patients with post surgical urinary retention was therefore performed.

    Key words: evidence based practice, clinical standards, clinical audit

    Lecture held at an International Summer School for educated Health care and social care staff held in joint cooperation between T.E.I. of Epirus and University College of Cork.
    Periode10 jul. 2014
    BegivenhedstitelSummer school: Constructing Evidence of Innovative Practices in Health and Social Care: Critical Perspectives
    PlaceringIoannina, GrækenlandVis på kort


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