The Anthropocene debates: Theological challenges and opportunities

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• Jesper Garsdal, intercultural philosophy, religion, and religious education, VIA University College, Denmark
• Simone Kotva, philosophy of religion and ethics, Cambridge University and University of Oslo
• Johann Meylahn, philosophy of religion and practical theology, University of Pretoria
• Willie Jennings, systematic theology and Africana studies, Yale University
• Lee Cormie, ethics and theologies of liberation, University of St Michael’s College, Toronto School of Theology
• Sylvia Keesmaat, biblical studies, Trinity College, Faculty of Divinity, Toronto School of Theology
• Charles Fensham, intersection of ecclesiology, public missiology,

A Part of Toronto School of Theology's 'TST Virtual Forum Series - Celebrating 50 Years: Doing Theology during epochal shifts: fears and hopes'
TST is an Ecumenical Consortium Affiliated with the University of Toronto. The TST Virtual Forum Series is organized by Professor Abrahim Khan (Trinity College) and is hosted by TST, Trinity College, Faculty of Divinity and Emmanuel College, Toronto University, Canada
Periode22 jan. 2021
BegivenhedstitelPresentation (Seminar) - Doing Theology during epochal shifts: fears and hopes
PlaceringToronto, Canada
Grad af anerkendelseInternational