The Double-Edge of Journalistic Diversity: Discussing the WORLDREP Foreign Exchange Programme

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To discuss the double-edged nature of journalistic diversity, its opportunities and liabilities for exchange students, this panel brings together scholars and coordinators involved with WORLDREP. This ten-month program, that exchanges students from two Australian universities and two European journalism schools, is unique in that no comparable degree scheme in journalism exists where students graduate with a dual Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree. WORLDREP provides students with honours-level courses of study across institutions, with graduates better prepared for immediate entry into work within international journalism and eligible for further postgraduate research and coursework studies. This allows students to engage with different levels of academic expertise and industry experience among students in the classroom. Accordingly, this panel will also discuss, from a pedagogical perspective, the merits of honours year and capstone courses that cover both applied and scholarly curricula. To conceptualise students’ professional development and the barriers facing aspiring journalists, we conducted student evaluation interviews and asked participants to: reflect on their WORLDREP experience, what they found most valuable, and how prepared they feel for a career in journalism.
Periode9 jul. 2019
BegivenhedstitelWJEC Paris 2019: Teaching Journalism During our Disruptive Age
PlaceringParis, Frankrig
Grad af anerkendelseInternational