The experiences on dignity from the perspective of the elderly in nursing homes

Bente Høy (Foredragsholder)

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag eller oplæg


The aim of the study was to explore nursing home residents’ practice experiences on dignity in caring situations and everyday life in order to illuminate the significance for a life in dignity. Elderly living in nursing homes are vulnerable which appeal to nursing care ethics and emphasise the importance of principles of human dignity. Every caring situation holds the potential to be a dignity encounter–an interaction in which dignity comes to the fore and may be either violated or promoted. When a person is in a vulnerable situation dignity encounters appear more likely to result in violation. From the literature we have knowledge of how dignity is violated among persons who are sick, weak and helpless; however, the knowledge is limited on how dignity is maintained among vulnerable elderly in nursing homes. A hermeneutic approach was used to interpret the material, which was gathered during semi-structured interviews with elderly living in six nursing homes in Scandinavian. A total of 28 interviews were transcribed. The findings will be presented at the conference.

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Periode14 mar. 201216 mar. 2012
BegivenhedstitelThe experiences on dignity from the perspective of the elderly in nursing homes: null
PlaceringOslo, Norge