The role of Professional Networks as Incubator for Outdoor teaching - From Grassroots to national impact

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“Udeskole”, regular Teaching Outside the Classroom, is widespread in Scandinavian countries and
emerging in other Northern European countries. Developing from grassroot initiatives, teachers have
experienced lack of inspiration (van Dijk-Wesselius et al., 2020) and a feeling of standing alone with the
outdoor teaching practice at the schools (Barfod, 2017). To cope with these barriers for using Udeskole,
a strong independent network has formed in Denmark in 2007 with major impact on practice, policy and
research, “UdeskoleNet”. The network gathers researchers, teachers, nature-guides, pedagogues and
others with professional interest in outdoor teaching, thus forming a community based on interests and
visions across research and practice, with strong collaboration between the fields. Although being a
grassroot movement, the network has been invited to discussion of school development in
Municipalities and in The Danish Parliament. In this presentation, the thoughts and strategies developed
during the lifetime of the network are presented and discussed. Emphasis in this experience based
presentation will be on how we work with maintaining the network's independence, openness,
motivation to proceed, and cross-sectoral foundation. How do we establish, maintain and develop
experience based, durable and enjoyable communities in a busy everyday life? As pioneers in
establishing sustainable networks concerning outdoor teaching with staying power, we introduce the
ideas, values, and visions behind the network and its structure, that have inspired European colleagues
and national teacher educators to establish meaningful communities for increasing outdoor teaching in
Periode8 mar. 2024
Begivenhedstitel10th International Outdoor Education Research Conference (IOERC)
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