Typography and the digital expierience

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    Design og typografisk behandling af værker af Grundvig, Kierkegaard og Holberg på digitale platforme. Et internationalt seminar, hvor eksperter, forskere og programmører arbejdede med at skabe rammer for den online udgivelse af ovenstående forfatteres værker, med fokus på den digitale læseoplevelse.
    Et samarbejde mellem KU/Grundvigscenteret og Det Kongelige Bibliotek.

    As for the focus of the presentations and for the overarching structure of the seminar there are two ways to proceed as I see it. One is to have general presentations of each the first three projects on the program. Thus each presentation takes us through the key issues such as technical solutions, content acquisition, graphic design considerations, business model etc. Another option is to divide these issues between Karola/Niklas, Samuel, and Ellen. Thus the presentations would first give a very brief general overview of each the projects (5 minutes or so) and then proceed to dive into one particular aspect each: How has e.g. the SLS tackled technical solutions for coding, search engine, site structure etc.? How has NIE-INE dealt with the business model and content acquisition? What has bokselskap.no learned from its experiences with user feedback?
    These are of course only suggestions. The subjects could be divided any way you wish and other relevant topics might be better suited. I believe that this could be an interesting way to strengthen the comparative perspective of the seminar. Also it would make a great connection between the first three project presentations and Karens presentation. Karen will be talking about what constitutes good reading experiences in a digital format lending us the professional graphic perspective that most of us literary scholars lack.
    Both of the solutions will of course work. Let me know, what your thought are on this. If you are interested in the second model please let me know which topic(s) you would like to present
    Klaus Nielsen
    Chief Editor, PhD.
    Grundtvig’s Works
    Periode6 jun. 20187 jun. 2018
    Arbejd forKøbenhavns Universitet, Danmark


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