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Regional Food Scapes San Francisco

The aim of the course is to introduce and excercise theories and methods of the Living Food Lab and Foodscapes concepts. The course is a combination of lectures, field studies, conferences and seminars. The course will be executed together with UC Berkeley and CASFS, UC Santa Cruz. The venue will be Santa Cruz and San Francisco, CA. Field studies will be arranged to unfold the Foodscapes in different Bay area settings (School garden and school lunch communities, Edible school yards, CSA, etc) and course participants will have the opportunity to study other regional and local Foodscapes.
The Foodscapes approach is discussed and elaborated with the interdisciplinary focus on combining three research traditions to one new approach towards food related research issues and this understanding is extended to the institutional dynamic approach from Dolphijn (2005) and other theorists of Foodscapes.
The course is a combination of lectures and group development work in order to develop the Foodscape understanding and relate it to the attending Ph.d. students projects.

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