Unpacking Virtual and Intercultural Spaces: A Presentation of a Conceptual Framework to Investigate the Connection between Technology and Intercultural Learning

  • Jørgensen, M. (Oplægsholder)
  • Roger Harrison (Oplægsholder)
  • Amanda Mason (Oplægsholder)

    Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag eller oplæg


    The paper presents a framework for the development of research within the emerging areas of internationalisation and technology that connect to build potential learning spaces within intercultural and global settings.
    Periode23 aug. 2017
    BegivenhedstitelECER: Reforming Educations and the Imperative of Constant Change: Ambivalent Roles of Policy and Educational Research
    PlaceringCopenhagen, Danmark
    Grad af anerkendelseInternational