Why the Government of the Healthy Taste is a Difficult Camel to Swallow

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Biopolitics, health enlightenment, public health policies and strategies, and prophylactics might not be among the most sexy or tasteful words within our vocabulary. However, a number of prophylactic hits full of erotic undertones have increasingly become part of the health and nutrition strategists’ favourite playlist in recent years in Denmark. The strategy seems to be that health and healthy lifestyle is best presented as something pleasant, joyful, appetizing, and tasty. The tendency is in other word, that the healthy is to be swallowed without any trouble, bother and/or much effort. And in order to make this happen, health is to become an erotised (i.e. desired) and acquired taste, take root as a style and become a so called healthy life style. The lecture argues that this tendency is not necessarily healthy and sound, but – on the contrary – potentially seductive, treacherous, pathologizing, stigmatizing, anti-enlightening, and thus might be a difficult camel to swallow.

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Periode4 dec. 2013
BegivenhedstitelWhy the Government of the Healthy Taste is a Difficult Camel to Swallow: Critical Perspective on a Contemporary Tendency in Danish Biopolitics
PlaceringFulda, Tyskland


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