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Personlig profil


AMJ graduated as a master of science in sport science and health from the University of Southern Denmark (2003) and has since worked within the field of dementia care. First employment was as leader of Reminiscence Centre in Ringkjoebing County (2003) and with his engagement in the Danish reminiscence research project (2005-08) he was employed by CVU Mid-West Development and Research Department. Since the formation of VIA University College (2008) AMJ has been employed there with the focus on dementia care. Currently AMJ is researching in the field of hospital care for people with dementia, and the use of reminiscence to stimulate cultural engagement in the creation of a dementia friendly society.

In 2010-2017 AMJ served as an external consultant in reminiscence at the National Research Centre for Dementia, Copenhagen. In 2014 the National Board of Social Services appointed AMJ to an expert group on physical activity and dementia, and he was from 2016-20 member of the expert group of the DEM-REHAB project at REHPA. From 2017-19 AMJ served as an expert advisor for the Dementia friendlily project at National Research Centre for Dementia and he won the 2019 Student Award for Outstanding Methodological Innovation in Gerontological Nursing Research from the International Journal of Older People Nursing.

AMJ has been a board member of the Danish Gerontological Society, member of the editorial board of the Danish journal Gerontology and is currently the chairman of the Danish reminiscence research network. AMJ has experience from several EU funded projects and international corporations.


Projektledelse: Professionel
Networking: Flere års erfaring
Fundraising: Flere års erfaring
Administration: Nogen erfaring
Ledelse: Nogen erfaring
Forskning: Professionel


  • demens
  • ældre
  • forskning
  • reminiscens
  • fysisk aktiv
  • omsorg
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