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Anne Charlotte Dahl

Associate Professor, M.Sc. in Human Nutrition & Clinical dietician


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Associate Professor (lector), M.Sc. Human Nutrition & Clinical Dietician Résumé: 20 years of experience with nutrition and patophysiology. I am the specialist who has clinical, teaching and communication working experience within food and health plus updated evidence-based nutritional knowledge. Through my education and clinical experience I have worked intensively with understanding theory behind non-communicable diseases and how they´re connected to overweight, obesity and inactivity.


I am working as an Associate Professor in the Metropolitan University College at the education Bachelor's Degree in Global Nutrition & Health. I have been working in the field of education since 2006 and have a background as MSc Human Nutrition and Clinical Dietician. Besides teaching I am also an Internship coordinator guiding students to acquire internship opportunities worldwide. I am self-motivated, confident, and compassionate about my work.