Vibeke Røn Noer

Konstitueret forskningschef, ph.d., Forskningsleder for Program for praksisstudier ved Forskningscenter for uddannelseskvalitet, professionspolicy og praksis

1997 …2023

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Vibeke Røn Noer is the Head of Research at the Research Programme for Practice Studies, which belongs to the Research Centre for Quality of Education, Profession Policy, and Practice at VIA University College.


Vibeke Røn Noer is an award-winning nursing researcher and educator, who has worked for several decades in nursing education in Denmark. She has extensive experience with nursing curricula and with developing and transforming educational programmes. With a profound empathy for those who participate in her research, Vibeke Røn Noer is an experienced ethnographer and nurse educator, whose main field of interest has been to explore how nurse students and young nurses perceive and experience their education and the transition from education to professional practice. In her research, she looks at student life, strategies for studying, and formation processes in Higher Education. She is committed to improving nursing education and young nurses’ educational trajectories and transitions to professional nursing practice. As a principal investigator in the ongoing ReTurn project, Vibeke Røn Noer explores turnover intentions, transitions, and work-life strategies among young nurses. Vibeke Røn Noers research contributes to the ongoing discussions about Nursing Education in Denmark. She advocates for a change that has to come from within nursing schools and programs, as well as from the profession. Nursing Education is preparation for remarkably hard work, and Vibeke Røn Noer is concerned with how Nursing Education can excel and educate young nurses to help them perform and thrive in their profession. Vibeke Røn Noer uses traditional ethnographic methods; field studies, interview surveys, photos, questionnaires, as well as more contemporary methods, such as video diaries.


Vibeke Røn Noer is a highly experienced speaker and moderator. She has extensive experience with research communication and bringing scientific knowledge into practice, and is also an engaged communicator on social media, radio, and TV. Vibeke Røn Noer is an invited member of The Academy of Communication at The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.



Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Ph.d. Pædagogik, Institut for Medier, Erkendelse & Formidling, Københavns Universitet

… → 2016

Cand.cur. Institut for Sygeplejevidenskab, Aarhus Universitet

… → 2002

Sygeplejerske, Sygeplejeskolen i Aarhus

… → 1997


Konstitueret forskningschef, Forskningscenter for uddannelseskvalitet, professionspolicy og praksis, VIA University College

1 mar. 2023 → …

Forskningsleder MSO, Forskningscenter for uddannelseskvalitet, professionspolicy & praksis, VIA University College

2019 → …

Underviser, Sygeplejerskeuddannelsen VIA University College (Tidl. Sygeplejeskolen i Aarhus)


Sygeplejerske, vikar, Aarhus Universitets Hospital & Akershus Universitetssykehus (Norge)


Sygeplejerske, Aarhus Universitets Hospital (intensive & onkologiske specialer)



  • uddannelse
  • studieliv
  • studiestrategier
  • arbejdsliv
  • transitioner
  • simulation
  • vekseluddannelser
  • dannelse
  • dannelsesprocesser
  • sygeplejerskeuddannelsen
  • teori-praksis
  • professionsidentitet
  • forskning
  • transition
  • simulation
  • praksisstudier
  • strategier og håndteringsvanskeligheder i overgangen fra uddannelse til professionsudøvelse
  • uddannelse
  • bæredygtig (ud)dannelse
  • kvalitativ metode
  • studerende
  • overgange fra studieliv til arbejsliv
  • professionsuddannelser
  • fastholdelse
  • metode
  • etnografi
  • videoetnografi
  • videobøger
  • frafald
  • arbejdsmiljø


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