4th International Conference in Illustration and Animation, Portugal



CONFIA continues in this edition—and will continue in future—to focus
on research in an attempt to alter perceptions and combat stereotypes with
the goal of increasing knowledge in an area as broad, creative and complex
as illustration and animation. These ªelds have been dramatically changed
as a result of contact with new technologies, new audiovisual trends and
new models and types of expression, not to mention the introduction of
new dynamic and interactive devices that call for more careful observa-
tion. After all, this collaborative, networked world is creating new preroga-
tives and making possible countless ways to share, which deserve our close
attention. If this construction of the static image and the animated image
deserve such a close look, then the discussions and sharing of knowledge
that this multidisciplinarity demands surely also deserve thoughtful ver-


network, innovative approaches mixing arts and media, collaborations
Kort titelConfia 2016
Effektiv start/slut dato10/06/1612/06/16


  • Medier, kommunikation og sprog