Andimation - Accelerator for Andean Animation Projects

  • Sabra, Jakob Borrits (Projektdeltager)
  • Chapon, Denis Romarain (Projektleder)
  • Gillet, Margaux Marie (Projektleder)
  • Thorning, Morten Harpøth (Projektleder)



ANDIMATION is an animation project development and production based program, centered on cross territorial artistic collaboration between the countries of the Andean Region – Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela – and Denmark. Andimation is a program designed by The Animation Workshop Via University College - Scandinavia’s leading animation institution, with activities in the areas of education, culture, communication and business - and supported by the Simón I. Patiño Foundation of Geneva (Bolivia), by the Danish Embassy in La Paz (Bolivia) and by TIFA - the 1st International Animation Training Workshop in the Andean Region (Venezuela).
We believe Andimation can be the beginning of a broad movement for the animation sector in the Andean Region countries. By combining their strengths and creating story universes that will resonate across the territories, we know they will communicate about common references and create new ones, while revealing local identities and values, thus facilitating understanding between the people of the Andean Region. This will no doubt encourage more cooperation and co-production in the region but also encourage local creative voices to pursue ambitious international projects.

Andimation chooses to work with the Andean Region - Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela - and Denmark because of the big potential for development of the local animation culture:

-There is true artistic and market potential in the Andean Region due to its cultural richness, its diversity of identities, its historic roots and a shared language. That potential is, at the moment, mostly unexplored by the local animation industry because of the lack of funding and the under-representation of the Latin American animation productions on the global market, which creates a lack of diversity in the cultural offer for animated content.

-The Animation Workshop Via University College’s educational and training record of accomplishments together with the strength of its international staff and its past experience in Bolivia (Our 2009 program resulted in the film Abuela Grillo, which now has about 1 million views online make it the ideal body to transmit both the idea of a strong and diverse animation culture and a solid methodology for developing local productions with international resonance.

The overall objectives of Andimation are:

-To develop 4 “state of the art” pitch kits for animated TV series in an incubator framework, from July to September 2016 in The Animation Workshop’s facilities (Viborg, Denmark).

-To produce 1 “ready for market” animated TV series pilot that will promote local identities and values, while being the fruit of regional collaboration and international knowledge sharing. September 2016 to March 2017 in the Simón I. Patiño Foundation facilities (La Paz - Bolivia).

-To foster collaboration between the Andean countries because of the true artistic and market potential the region presents.

-To spark the local and regional development of original high quality animation content, which can resonate both artistically and commercially in all Andean countries and beyond.

Andimation is tailor-made for 5 teams each composed of 3 junior-intermediate professionals from 3 Andean countries. They are animation creatives, (with a background of director, concept artist), writers and producers with an entrepreneurial knack. The Participants will get a unique chance to:

-Strengthen their international networks by forming long lasting professional relationships with their fellow participants and the experts met along the program;

-Strengthen their ability to develop collaborative, artistically and commercially ambitious projects - Make a state of the art, ready for market presentation, pitch kit. (TIFA)

-Have their TV series pilot produced and access the market in international contexts (TIFA, Annecy).

The project breaks down as follows:

-Call for candidates - April / June 2016
-1st round of selection: project coordinator + consultant travel to each Andean country (3 weeks), interview 10 candidates per country + meet with local TV channels. TAW notifies the 12 selected participants, coordinates logistics, experts June / July 2016.
-Project Incubator - August / September 2016 - Viborg, Denmark.
TIFA, Pitch Session – September 2016 - Mérida, Venezuela.
-Production - mid-October 2016/ mid-February 2017 - La Paz, Bolivia.
-Dissemination - mid-February / April 2017.


Andimation is an animation project development and production based program with activities in education, culture, communication and business to create story universes for TV-series across the Andian region facilitating understanding between its people and their common identity.


Production of 5 pitch packages (pitch kits) for animated TV series
Presentation of pitch kits at TIFA and MIFA at Annecy festival
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/1601/12/17


  • VIA (leder)
  • UNESCO International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (Projektpartner)
  • Espacia Patiño - Simón I Patiño University Foundation (Projektpartner)
  • TIFA - Taller Internacional de formacion en animacion region Andinaa (Projektpartner)
  • Den Kongelige Danske Ambassade i La Paz (Projektpartner)


  • web og mobile platforme
  • medieproduktion
  • animation
  • workshop
  • accellerator
  • classes
  • consultancy
  • pitch package
  • tv
  • identitetsdannelse


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