Animated stories collaboration with TAFA, Peru



This creative workshop which took place in Cusco, Peru, aimed to show how making animation can transform our perspective and brain story tale-teller during the creative process of a motion picture. An opportunity to open your mind and heart to dive into the unknown world of emotions and visual storytelling in a cross cultural exchange of knowledge. The workshop was designed for a week to work with the teachers and children of Cusibamba primary school.
3 final animated stories was produced by children, with the guidance of professional animators and their respective teachers, for its later exhibition and open discussion at the TIFA International festival of Andean Animation .
This project was produced as a collaboration between TAFA, The Animation Workshop and the audiovisual tales, Escucharte, from the University Polytechnic of Valencia and Terapia de Reencuentro (Fina Sanz).

The project goals:

-Learn how movies affect and transform our brain as observers and its creation, as directors. In this case children and educators.
-Life is a tale. Gain a wider understanding of life (how we think, feel and act ) by re-creating life. Learning to take ownership of the direction, influence and consequences of our choices.
-Translate current material from the curricula into animated stories for the workshop.
- The tell-tale brain. Integrating neuroeducation within art productions: basics about brain anatomy applied to creative learning.
-Use animation to reflect upon experiences. Rewrite your story, rewire your brain.
-Work basic aspects of the emotional Intelligence, visual and emotional literacy through animation.
-Learning the creative process: provide the participants how to visualize/interpret ideas and experiences through visual storytelling.
-Develop critical thinking and connectedness in team works.
-Providing a voice to the participants to gain self steem and work personal growth ( art therapy).

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