The Applied Comics webinar was successful in highlighting the field of Applied Comics as an effective and engaging communication platform for businesses and organizations. In addition, it analyzed the Applied Comics form as a basis for a practice or career for graphic storytellers, and built networks in doing so. It more specifically discussed and presented ways in which applied comics can help to communicate the brand, message, value propositions, stories and facts about an organization, and the ways in which relevant educations and skills can feed into those emerging production channels for future business opportunities. The Applied Comics Webinar took place on November 25th, 2020.The webinar opened with speaker presentations:-What are Applied Comics by Andy Warner-Case Study 1: Sofie Riise Nors presents the “Sex and Samfund”-Case Study 2: Brian Woodward presents the Central EU Office report caseAfter the speakers’ initial presentations, a short break was taken. Participants were asked to meet again and take part in break out rooms with individual speakers or the head of Graphic Storytelling studies at TAW, Peter Dyring Olsen. Self-selecting breakout rooms where used, meaning that each participant could participate in different break out rooms during the session. The break out rooms allowed participants explore deeper the presentations and point of views of the speakers, and allowed for direct Q&A with each speaker.
The webinar was developed and supported in partnership with:Vision Denmark Creative Business AllianceDen Europæiske Fond for RegionaludviklingDanmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse
Effektiv start/slut dato25/11/2025/11/20


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