CIAKL II – Cinema and Industry Alliance for Knowledge and Learning. Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Estonia



Is a project co-funded by the European commission under the programme Knowledge Alliances, addressing the need to foster business and entrepreneurship skills in students and professionals in higher education while considering the challenge of aligning industry’s needs and expectations with academia’s creativity and innovation potential.

In this scope, CIAKL II Insight Talks offered a chance to further engage the industry and the university in the discussion of the greatest challenges and solutions to get the schools involved in the creation of successful creative media projects.
The project last 2 years with the final publication and 2 conferences , one in Cologne, Germany and the second one took place in Tallin, Estonia


new approaches of teaching audiovisual communication, network,
Kort titelCIAKL
Effektiv start/slut dato05/01/1531/12/16


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