Citizenship on the edge



    The overall aim of the project is to identify and theorize the social work practices that sustain or exacerbate these deficits, as well as those that overcome them. Based on a cultural citizenship approach, we examine this through fieldwork in social work settings targeting three different vulnerable groups: young offenders, homeless people, and children and young people with a psy-diagnosis.

    The project explores the following questions:

    1. How is the lived citizenship of people in vulnerable positions shaped in everyday interactions between clients and social workers?

    2. How is the shaping of lived citizenship in everyday interactions conditioned by wider discursive constructions and power relations?

    Kristian Fahnøe is responsible for the sub-projects: "Reaching out, pulling in: creating citizens?" which explores street-based outreach social work among homeless people in Copenhagen City.

    Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/1431/12/17



    • social inklusion
    • hjemløse
    • identitet
    • social eksklusion
    • socialt udsatte


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