Danskfagets litteraturundervisning. Et casestudie af elevers skriftsproglige måder at skabe stillingtagen på i udskolingen.

  • Kabel, Kristine (Projektdeltager)



    In my doctoral work I focus on the discipline of literature studies within the school subject Danish, in lower secondary school, to explore students’ resources for stance-taking. The data is gathered through a qualitative research design where I conducted field work in three year 8 classes in 2013-2014, involving a range of ethnographic methods. The main data consist of students’ written literary responses, student interviews, and key episodes from the observed units of work. The study aims to provide a clearer understanding of valued ways of participating in literacy practices in the discipline of literature studies, and to support lower secondary teachers in developing a more visible pedagogy to support their students learning and educational success.
    Effektiv start/slut dato01/04/1331/03/16


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